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  1. Do guys like dating bi girls?
  2. Dating a bisexual woman? | Yahoo Answers
  3. Ladies, would you ever date a bisexual guy?
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I don't believe sexuality is binary and I think everyone falls somewhere on that Kinsey scale.

What Straight Guys Get Wrong About Bi Girls

The problem is, it is easier for gay men to come out as gays, that it is for bisexual men to come out as bisexual. The reason is that women keep avoiding bisexual men and consider them very promiscuous and not fit for a traditional relationship. So coming out as bisexual would really decrease your chance of getting a girl, and would force you on the gay side. Simply because most women will not accept you. Also, gay people always try to say bisexuality in men doesn't exist which is awkward.

Even I believed that for a while, but then still realized I am into women although I was forcing myself to believe I'm gay. So girls or gay guys please answer the following questions: Is it about the Patriarchal society where people only mind straight men's visual pleasures? Does it turn you on seeing, let's say Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise kissing?

Do guys like dating bi girls?

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Female I believe guys can be bi I would and have dated a bi guy I think bisexual men are attractive. I think the fact that a guy can be attracted to either gender is amazing. Hopefully one day bi girls and guys will be treated more equal.

Male, Bisexual and in a long term gay relationship! Yes I exist, as do others like me. I've never dated another bisexual guy, though I've dated guys who claimed to be bisexual. I've also dated women who claimed to be bisexual, who I've no reason to doubt!

Dating a bisexual woman? | Yahoo Answers

The difference being that the bisexual women I've dated remember that I'm a bisexual guy had very few hang ups compared to the bisexual guys I've dated who were "in denial". Now I do know other bisexual guys who are genuinely bi good enough friends that I know their "history". These true bisexual guys tend to be more experienced and more matter of fact about it - it's just who they are, and their bisexuality is a take it or leave it "non-issue". I've also had an ex-girlfriend that was fine with me NOT cheating on female partners with her, but went up the wall when and she was fully aware that I'm bi I refused to cheat on my current boyfriend by sleeping with her!

Regards the kissing question no seeing that wouldn't turn me on, imagining doing the same with my own boyfriend would! In fact seeing any two people kiss would probably make me think of my boyfriend rather than anything else! Personally, no, And I'm straight.

Ladies, would you ever date a bisexual guy?

Then again, many bisexual men never state that they are, so who knows whether I'd actually know? Best of luck to you. Bisexuality can be threatening to the insecure, and can amplify the insecurity of your partner. But since you're attracted to both genders, they would have to tell you not to go out by yourself at all, and even most controllers know that's going too far.

So despite all their hooting and hollering about how awesome it would be for you to bring someone home for them, they will avoid you. So will the people who think that because you're bi you always feel compelled to have sex with everything. This is all good and weeds out many of the idiots and crazies for you.

But for those of either gender who are secure in themselves, bisexuality should not be a factor. Okay, so you don't get asked out. Nobody here knows you, so no one can tell you why. Have you tried doing the asking? Sometimes bis congregate together since they share similar relationship problems and philosophies. Have you tried finding that group on your campus? While nothing of one's man buddies will actually admit it.

  • Dating a bisexual woman?.
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  • Do guys like dating bi girls? | Yahoo Answers.

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Well we guys find it strange to date bi girls. I guess that the majority of guys doesn't mind, but its probably the people's opinion that bi people are "strange" and with "strange" i mean that it is a bit unacceptable for us to date bi girls. We can't explain but the thought that you frequent both females and males kinda pushes us away. Honestly, I know bisexuals exist but when you're young a lot of closeted gays take their first step to coming out by claiming to be bisexual.

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  4. This certainly doesn't stay true forever, but a lot of people will subconsiously think you're just gay as a result. Even dating you, they might be worried you'd prefer the company of another woman Guys r prob thinking, hey so if I date this girl she gonna turn around and date a chick?

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    You can be the world skinniest smartest girl and own the colleg but that doesn't mean guys r gonna love u they r gonna love you for u and not what you have goin on. As long as she is cute i wouldn't care and never cheat on me. Because i would never cheat on a girl. Also I'm a guy, never kiss a girl, and hasn't had a girlfriend yet but guess what it happens to a lot of people. What makes you think you are bi.????

    Going to the army? Just remember the motto of the army I guess it really depends what kind of guy you meet. Some guys do, some guys don't. You really have to just keep trying, and keep telling them who you are. There has to be someone out there! Would a guy date a bi girl?


    Straight girls would you date a bi guy? What do you think of a str8 guy dating a bi girl? Can a straight guy date a bi-girl?