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Though he's usually a bully towards Mia and her friends, he does actually care for her. This was for instance shown in the quests about Mia's eating disorder, where he is genuinely worried about and supporting of her. The Bully Cain and Abel: The Cain to Mia's Abel. Downplayed, unlike other examples it's shown deep down they do love each other. He's Hearst's top athlete, although he blatantly only got to this position because he's the son of the principal.

Due to this, Julian is almost permanently benched to make sure he doesn't show up Max. He uses his popularity as an excuse to be cold and actively antagonistic, although this eventually turns Kara against him and many of the main characters transfer to get away from him. Hidden Heart of Gold: As seen in his date quests and his POV quest, he isn't totally unredeemable.

Villain with Good Publicity: He's got plenty of charisma to play this role when he sees fit. As seen in his POV quest, he really craves his father's love and attention despite being the favorite. Kara Sinclair Kara is a cheerleader at Hearst who is Max's girlfriend and just as cruel as he is when she first appears. However, she drifts apart from him and mellows somewhat, eventually breaking up with him and starting to hang around with the main group sometimes.

At Hearst she used her status as head cheerleader and Max's girlfriend to get away with awful behavior, both to Hearst students and the player's school. When she breaks up with Max she loses this but some immoral tendencies stay. She becomes nicer towards, and eventually friendly with the main characters after breaking up with Max. She's a skilled actor, playing one of the witches in a performance of Macbeth when everyone goes to a Shakespeare festival. Shane A male cheerleader hailing from Hearst High. He addresses guys and girls alike with affectionate nicknames. At least, while under Kara's thumb.

He's got an eye for good fashion. On the receiving end of Kara stealing credit for the routine he made. He teaches it to your school before Hearst gets to use it. Fibikemi "Phoebe" Ayotunde Hearst High's prom queen. Very proficient at martial arts, although her being prom queen means she has to keep that part of herself under wraps.

She really just wants to be able to cut loose and have fun, unrestrained from the shackles that her prom-queen title impose on her. I Just Want to Be Normal: And she gets her wish on joining your school. What she's expected to uphold as prom queen. Derek A member of Hearst High's football team.

Real Men Wear Pink: Pink hair , to be exact, albeit it's cut short. Among Max's inner circle at Hearst. He makes an effort to make sure Max gets his homework in, and is actually civil to you and your schoolmates. Comes across as being even more of this than Kara herself, which Screw the Rules, I Have Connections! Her mother's the city's mayor, which in one quest gives Natalie the clout to take over an entire park for Hearst High's own use.

Of the neglect variety, mostly, and both Mia and Max suffer for it. He's also hinted to be of the verbally-abusive variety, as Mia once pantomimes Principal Warren telling Max that emotions don't have a place in their household and that the kids should go live with their mother if they want sympathy.

Frequently mentioned but almost never shown, except in Mia's Dream Date sequence; even then, he doesn't have a character-avatar of his own and has yet to say anything directly on-screen outside of narratives. Lacey The most popular girl at Athena, an all-girls private school. She seems nice at first and encourages the main group to hang around with them but it becomes clear that she's uptight and has a cruel streak.

She's also Pandora, the mysterious figure tormenting various students for monetary gains. She gets caught and sent to prison but is eventually released and starts dating Max. Toward Katherine, albeit low-key. Don't You Dare Pity Me! Her whole motivation for becoming Pandora was to steal enough money to maintain her formerly lavish lifestyle after her father's company went bankrupt, specifically because she wanted to avoid experiencing this trope from anyone else. A downplayed example, if you take into consideration how she pushes the sweet-tempered Katherine around.

She's a straighter example as Pandora. Turns out this is why she picks on Katherine as Pandora. She does get sent to prison, however she gets out pretty fast, gets back to school, and otherwise gets to continue her previous life with few lasting consequences. Kids Are Cruel School Idol: She's admired by most of the school and remains its star pupil even after a prison sentence. Notice how a lot of the above information is whited out? Brigette Mia's cousin and one of the friendly recurring characters.

She makes friends with the main group but stays at Athena, even after the events with Pandora. While Athena has a uniform, she's very passionate about style outside of school and takes some students from the main group to Paris fashion week in one premium quest. Like most girls at Athena her family is incredibly rich but she's still very friendly. Owen A student who originally appeared in Surviving High School. A fairly nice guy who's still friends with Autumn even after she transfers away. He mostly turns up for cross-school events, almost always alongside Kimi.

Hero of Another Story: Kimi A student who originally appeared in Surviving High School. An energetic girl who, along with Owen,stayed friends with Autumn and mostly appears in cross-school events. She shares the prize from the dance-off a trip to a lake house with the main group and invites them to her birthday party in her quests. She's enthusiastic about fashion. One of the main group's presents to her when her birthday party goes badly wrong is a new outfit. Statton School for the Humanities. Hope Julian's younger sister. She is bullied by a lot of students at Statton but refuses to talk about it until Julian and the main character investigate and help her.

Her initial quests are about bullying and double as an advertisement for Cybersmile , an organisation that combats cyberbullying but her and Chelsea occasionally show up again. She's shy and overly trusting but ends up bullied or ignored by seemingly most of the school. Chelsea Another student at Statton. Initially she joins in with the bullying, thinking that Hope was in the wrong but after the main character and Julian confront her she confronts the other students and befriends Hope. She starts off as bad as everyone else but eventually tells her friends to stop, confronts Asher and reports the bullying properly.

She turns up occasionally along with Hope and both of them volunteer at Cybersmile together. Asher Rollins A popular student at the school. He was dating Chelsea but then kissed Hope at a beach party and blamed her. He started cyber-bullying Hope and encouraging others to do the same but he stopped when Chelsea and Hope spoke to the principal and the police got involved. A recent series of quests reveals that his father is this, running a number of grass-roots pastry-stores into the ground and forcing them to close in order to expand his own monopoly on local cookie sales.

So very, very, very , VERY much. It runs in the family. Gets this treatment from his father during the quest where you, Payton and Nishan are working for Mr. Rollins' baking company; specifically, Asher is placed as assistant to the Board of Directors a post he clearly doesn't like since he doesn't want to be stuck in a desk job , while Nishan is promoted to Asher's previous post of kitchen manager as a form of blackmail from Mr. Rollins, with the alternative being lawsuits against your group for attempting to sabotage the cookie recipe formula he's conscripted from Payton and Nishan.

With Hope and Chelsea he is the one who is really in the wrong as he kissed the former despite being in a relationship with the latter and then blamed Hope yet he leads a campaign of cyber-bullying against Hope, then both of them once Chelsea confronts him. Lack of Empathy Nice Hat: Gotta admit, the guy has a good sense of fashion. He's at least honest enough to acknowledge that his family is new-money. During the Fantasy Booth date with Mia, Asher shows himself as this, though your actions during that quest can give you the opportunity to show him up. Or not so heterosexual if you so choose.

The fact that he has a prosthetic arm has been a bit of bother for him in the past. However, he's used to it by now, and the arm itself is mostly an Unusually Uninteresting Sight , given that nobody ever really comments on it and in fact, you can't even tell from his character avatar that he even has one.

He has a lot of cats at home. Has one with Calvin. They teach it to you once they both join your school. He's not above pranking people. Gets even more hilarious when teamed up with Calvin. Quinn A film student who's introduced shooting footage of student interaction at the other schools, treating it like a natural wildlife documentary.

Deadpan Snarker Intrepid Reporter: Well, more like Intrepid Film Student, though she does explicitly compare herself to Lois Lane at one point in her introductory quest. Jack Carver A college student who was once in a band with Ezra, although they are now fierce rivals after Lena cheated on Ezra with him. He's very antagonistic, doing things to spite other people when he has nothing to gain. He now is in another band, Zero Hour, which competes with the one formed by the main group.

He is also the only character whose full name is regularly shown. During a brief scene in one quest, Jack flirts with Autumn, then with your main character when the latter comes to Autumn's rescue. Once told that both of you are high school students, though, Jack makes up a quick excuse to leave, saying he "forgot his thesis in the microwave. He is an utterly terrible person. He regularly goes to significant lengths just to inconvenience others. During one of the Christmas quests specifically, the one where the dialogue is all in rhyme , Jack shows up to steal the presents from the Artists' hangout, transporting them via a sleigh Another quest shows him as a volunteer at a fundraiser for families who've recently lost their homes in an apartment-complex fire.

Lena Ezra's ex-girlfriend who cheated on him with and then left him for Jack Carver. Manipulative and shrewd, she enjoys pitting Ezra and Jack against each other.

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It's probably not her natural color. Also counts as a Fiery Redhead since she tends to throw tantrums like a preschooler when she gets mad. At least Jack has some consideration for others, however slim. The Vamp Your Cheating Heart Professor Edwin A skilled physicist and member of the school board who is first encountered when she comes to your science fair to assess the school. Notably, she's the only adult character with an image and dialogue the others, while sometimes named, are only described second-hand or by narration.

She later returns to host the innovation challenge. As an influential member of the school board she can get schools shut down and it's her job to inspect them but although she is tricked by Max and Kara's sabotage of the science fair she's still just doing her job. When the main group contact her with the information they stole from Hearst she meets them and takes it to the school board, ignoring that they could have only acquired that information illegally because it exposed the deep corruption at Hearst.

Zero A character in the Pandora quest-line.

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He helps out with a charity that builds houses and dated Brigette. Katherine kisses him and Pandora threatens to reveal this. His only real relevance to the story is that he kissed and seemingly was in love with Katherine while dating Brigette. Razor Koh's ex-boyfriend and the antagonist of her quest-line. He wants her to drop out and join his company and so targets the school with hacking and vandalism, trying to frame her. He runs his own company, "Razor Blade.

He uses his skills for various unspecified illegal activity, as well as to target the school. Razor shows up during the Girls Who Code educational quest, back when it was made available for players, as a rival for guest protagonist Gabriella; this trope would then come into play for those players who hadn't yet unlocked Koh.

Screw the Rules, I Have Money! Even when he's arrested, hiring a good attorney and posting bail are no hurdles for him. Connor Gunn Kallie's childhood friend and a star quarterback whose team goes against Julian's in an all star game. An incredibly talented athlete but inherently kind. When Julian gets hurt during the all-star game, his first reaction is to help him out despite being on the other team. Matt Wes' older brother and legal guardian until he was arrested. He had to support Wes but eventually resorted to stealing from his job and got caught and sent to prison.

Wes takes the main character to meet him when explaining how his life affected his views on justice. While Wes believes this about him their situation was very dire so they needed money , Matt clearly regrets breaking the law regardless. Bartholomew "Ace" de la Cruz A student of the Kepler Magnet School for the Gifted who also serves on the district student council, he helps your main character get settled in as your school's student rep.

He also has political aspirations of his own. His response is to sully your reputation with your school and at the district level, then move to have your school shut down. When it comes to things related to the school district council, he's the man to go to. Wes actually recommends him to your main character when you start trying out for the council.

He may have pretty selfish reasons for helping the main character to get on the district council, but, well, he does help to further your standing with the council at times when the main character wouldn't have managed on their own.

michael shading max and kara with a smile on his face is such a Mood™

He knows how to weave his way around the district student council. And also how to manipulate you into voicing frustration against your critics, then editing the footage to be shown out of context to force you to resign your post on the council. He's afraid of his parents and will take extreme measures to make them proud.

If he fails, they will send him off to a boarding school. Beckett A mysterious wallflower with a rather expansive imagination. The girls swoon over him, although he doesn't seem to pay them much mind. His introductory quest sees him reminiscing about his dog. Chase Cunningham The son of wealthy socialites, he is often the talk of the tabloids. Though as his introductory quest eventually reveals, there's more gold than jerk. His social circle behaves this way. Chase himself starts out like this at first, but exposure to your main character mellows him.

Talia and Tariq al-Assam A brother-and-sister pair of twins who are already well-known in the business world despite still being in high school. Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Tariq's the Foolish and Talia's the Responsible, though both of them are sharp when it comes to business skills.

Kara Sinclair Fan Casting for High School Story | myCast - Fan Casting Your Favorite Stories

Half-Identical Twins Lady in Red: Calvin A band student who is best friends with Ryan. Can behave as this at times, despite not actually being a Class Clown type of student in-game. Appropriate for a band student, actually. Screwy Squirrel Secret Handshake: Has one with Ryan. He loves to prank people. Even more so if he teams up with Ryan to do it. Isabel "Dizzy" Jimenez A hip-hop student who writes her lyrics based on social issues that she wants to educate the public on.

She has a club that specializes in this. Making light of her campaign for highlighting social issues. To be more specific, she goes on your Class Clown's radio program to talk about the issues she wants to bring to the fore Dizzy just barely manages to keep her cool, only to storm out at the very end of the broadcast. Ellie A mascot who wears a dinosaur costume. Comes across this way at times. Well, it's hard to see by virtue of the fact that she's never seen without her mask, but her mannerisms indicate this at least.

She was once friends with Mia because they were both cheerleaders but when Mia helps the MC, Kara isn't friends with Mia anymore. Prior to the beginning of High School Story, she was dating Max and they were known as the "power couple" at Hearst High. Cracks in their relationship began appearing in the quest, Something Wicked , when Max refused to watch Kara in a production of MacBeth and his mistreatment of her. They break up after Kara defends herself and he moves on quickly and starts dating Lacey. As of level 22 onwards, Kara begins to develop feelings for Nishan.

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